About us

For better or worse this is us...

Meet the Crust Bikes Team



Darren is what can only be described as a mechanical master mind. Be it hand building frames, trailers, racks, or even diesel/veggie powered motorcycles, it would seem that there is nothing he can't wrap his mind around. He is the crust genius, who takes the wild ideas from Goat, myself or his own mind and puts them to paper.


Art Director

Not only can rick shred the gnar on any bike you put in front of him, he is also the kind gent and in-house artist (well not that there is a house, but it sounded good).


Product Tester

I am sure a lot of you already know of Goat, as the slightly eccentric bare foot wander from the trip www.ridingthe spine.com. Well life on bikes did not end there for him. He still fairly obsessed with finding incredibly bad roads (or no roads) in far flung place and dragging his fat bike along.



I don't do much. But Matt doesn't know how to delete this off his website.


Business Advisor

Joe has helped out with so much from the begining, from getting me my first touring bike, though to giving me the motivation and support t to try and start crust bikes. Both Joe and T1 are a constant inspiration.


Wheeler and Dealer

I'm not going to write about myself.