Titanium L.D


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Now I know what ya thinking. “What the hell Ti LDs! Is this some kind of a fantasy?” Well its not, life should be a wild dream, right?

90mm reach.

140mm stack height.

Maximum 50mm steer tube insertion.

31.8 bar clamp.

1,1/8th threadless.

Made in Taiwan.


  1. Noah Symington

    Hi! When I first had my LD in my hand, I was instantly turned on to how it would change my riding and comfort on long days in the saddle. And even though it positions you a bit more slack in the sack, I can say it handled those rock hard descents with ease nonetheless. Aesthetically, this stem is anything but underwhelming when you see it for the first time — its got a smooth, hung shape you cant take your eyes (or hands) off of, nor is it too chubby by normative standards. 10/10 would recommend! 🙂

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