Canti brake Lightning Bolt.


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The premise of this bike was to make a high quality  production, low trail, Rando style frame that would flex in ways often talked about in Bicycle Quarterly. So we used small diameter, very thin walled tubing.  (By todays standards) This means that the frame is not for “getting rad on.” Or riding single track, or fully loaded touring or whatever else you may see Mr Ultra Romance doing on his. Think about it like this. If you would not ride the Reńe Herse ultralight tires down the road you are on, don’t ride this frame down it and then come crying to me. If you are heavy or over around 90kgs then don’t buy this frame, it will most likely become too noodley for you. But this is not a science it is just feed back from people in that weight category, maybe it will be just what you are looking for.

If you are not to much over that 90kg mark and want a steel frame that will feel great and keep up with most ugly carbon frames on pavement, then this frame is for you.

Standard diameter top tube and down tube on all sizes aside from the two largest, they have oversize down tubes.

Heat treated double butted chromoly tubing.

1” threaded.

130mm rear spacing 100mm front.

English threaded BB.

650b x 42mm tires with fenders 48mm with out.

Hand made in Taiwan.



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