Evasion Info

The Evasion, often imitated, never duplicated. The Satanic Rando. The DFL. The original Crust. Whatever you have or want to call it, its a bike that can fit a big ol' tire that doesn't ride like something thats been 6 feet under for that past 10 years. In terms of braze-ons the Evasion has everything you'd need to go for a tour around the world and back. 

If you're familiar with the older versions of the Evasion, this one has some changes:

All Frames come with 12x148mm BOOST Dropouts on them and the forks have changed to 12x100 spacing and have eyelets on the top of the crown.

Build Notes:

Designed around a 26x3" wheel and tire combo and thats its max 26" size.

Word has it 26" is dead (It Ain't. Don't Fear Opulence.) so you will likely go with a 27.5" wheel. The max tire size there is going to be 27.5x2.8".

It can be setup 29", in which case your max tire size is going to be a 29x2.2". Be aware this is setup is going to raise your bottom bracket some, nothing wrong with it, unless you want to keep that BB height low.

Takes a MOUNTAIN crank. Ideally 1x with a maximum 42 tooth chainring. You can set it up 2x, but it's on you to figure that out.

The rocker dropout's adjustability means it is single speed compatible. If you're looking for a dedicated single speed hub the Paul Word Boost hub is a good option.

Front brake is I.S. Mount and takes an adaptor to fit a caliper. The Rear brake is I.S. (Post Mount) as well, but you can bolt a caliper straight to the Rocker Dropout and clear a 160mm rotor. If you're struggling to find a brake setup, the Crust Palm Oil Brake Kit will help solve that problem.

Max Rotor Size: 203mm Front | 180mm Rear

Front and rear thru axles are included.


Handmade in Taiwan using Heat Treated Chromoly

Tig Welded

Color- Metallic Emerald Green or Matte Raw

Sizes- Small & Step Thru 52cm | Medium 54cm | Extra-Medium 56cm | Large 58cm | Extra Large 60cm

Head Tube Diameter- 1 1/8" (Threadless Steerer)

Bottom Bracket- 73mm English (BSA) Threaded

Steerer Tube Length- 400mm

Fork Spacing- 12x100mm

Rear End Spacing- 12x148mm

Front Axle Thread Pitch & Length- 1.5x120mm

Rear Axle Thread Pitch & Length- 1.5x173mm

Seat Post Diameter- 27.2mm

Weight (TBD)- Frame- kg or lbs | Fork- kg or lbs

Some ideas for how to use the Evasion: