Radshare 100% Stoked Coffee
Radshare 100% Stoked Coffee
Radshare 100% Stoked Coffee

Radshare 100% Stoked Coffee

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RadShare is a local non-profit here in Richmond run by two life long bicycle enthusiasts Steve Crandall and Nate Hanger. RadShare is dedicated to educating and empowering local youth via the bicycle and other ways of having fun. Check it out! All proceeds they make from their 100% Stoked Coffee go directly into their community based initiative. 

The way we're trying this out this time is we'll keep the ordering open and the two roasts of coffee "in stock" on the site at all times. At the end of the week we'll let Steve know how many bags were ordered of each roast and he will work on getting the coffee roasted up for you and we will ship on Monday/ Tuesday. This way you get the freshest coffee possible, so please be patient if your order doesn't go out right away.

Details from Drop In:

Afternoon Delight:

"CRUST Bikes is the example of full stoke. But when they aren't crushing gravel for miles on end or bombing downhill on a fixed gear hard tail they are chillin'.

Afternoon Delight is the roast they chill with. Half the caffeine. All the stoke.

This natural half caff coffee is decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate (EA). EA is a naturally occurring organic compound found in fruits and vegetables that is synthesized for coffee decaffeination.

12oz. whole bean"

Dark Roast:

"Full body. Full flavor. Full roast

This coffee boasts a smooth body and overwhelming chocolate flavors. It is harvested from May until July, dried on mats up to 40% and then partially wet-hulled. This smooth coffee grows in the Kintamani highlands atop a large volcanic plateau at 1300-1700m where the use of pesticides is prohibited and all fertilizers are 100% organic.

12 oz. whole bean"

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