Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&
Tabe Lords Fold n&

Tabe Lords Fold n' Hold T-Shirt

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What the hell is a tabe and why must there be a lord of it? To answer your steering questions here's an interview with THE @tablelords from Instagram:

Q: So is it “Tabe Lords” or “Table Lords”?

A: It’s TABE Lords. “Tabe” is an abbreviated version of the word “Table”.

Q: Invert or Tabe?
A: I love them both. To me, a fold is a fold. If you do it really high and clicked, that’s all that matters.

Q: Who are the top 5 Tabe Lords of all time?
A: Damn. That’s a tough one. I’d have to go with Chris Stauffer, Chase Hawk, Jerry Galley, Dan Foley and Joe Rich. There are so many names you can interchange on that list. It’s really all personal preference.

Q: Who is an up and coming Tabe Lord we should keep an eye on?
A: Joe Whitmore and Tom Russell. I know you asked for one, but those two are both killing it. The UK is producing some major Tabe talent at the moment.

Q: Why are table tops the best trick of all time?
A: Because they rule hahaha. Everyone does them differently, so there is a lot of personality involved. Plus I like that it isn’t just something you “do”, it takes a really long time to master them. There is just so much going on in that trick. It can be a frustrating journey at times, but when all of the movements start to click, it’s well worth it.

Q: When did your love for tabes start?
A: Road Fools 3, when they went to Posh.  Stauffer was doing his thing, folding in the woods and I instantly got stoked. I had never seen anyone ride like that.

Q: The people want to know, can you fold?
A: Hahah daaaamn. Putting me on the spot! I do alright, but I am not fully stoked on where my tabes are. I don’t know anyone who is like “Mine are perfect and can’t get any better.” There is always room for improvement. Like I said, it’s a journey.

Q: How do you find pictures/clips to post?
A: I have spent waaaaay too many hours in the depths of the internet, searching for high quality tabe pics. The more obscure the better. When I first started the page I would spend hours on Flickr, searching for unused gems. All of your favorite BMX photographers had Flickr at some point, so if you google their name and “Flickr” you can usually find some good shit. As far as clips go, I DM the rider or filmed and ask if they would like to share anything. Most of the time people are friendly and responsive.

Q: Any advice on how to fold better?
A: Roll your hand and turn your hips.

Q: What’s next?
A: More tabe content, merch, and I may try to have an event this Fall. Stay tuned for that.

Q: Do you want to thank anyone?
A: Yes, to everyone who has sent me a pic/clip thank you. To all the people who follow and share the page, thank you. To all the people who have helped with the merch, thank you. The whole reason the account started was to bring the stoke. I hope that’s what it’s doing.



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