Wald 137 & 139 Baskets
Wald 137 & 139 Baskets
Wald 137 & 139 Baskets
Wald 137 & 139 Baskets
Wald 137 & 139 Baskets

Wald 137 & 139 Baskets

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The Wald Basket is the gold standard in bicycle baskets. They've been around for ages and last that long as well. You know that 60's step-thru Schwinn Traveler with the basket on it in your parents garage? That basket is likely a Wald. 

Whether you're throwing a net or some bungees on top or maybe something like a Realm or Hungry basket bag in it, the Wald is a simple and effective cargo carrying solution for your bicycle.

These are actually the 1372 and 1392. The 2 means they come with better handlebar clamps and adjustable struts and what not. 

Baskets may interfere with brifters (drop bar lever shifters) if you are running a narrower handlebar. We recommend running either a handlebar about 46cm wide and up, or a front rack with the basket so you can mount it lower than the brifter.


Made in USA 

Colors- Gloss Black or Zinc Plated Silver

Basket Dimensions- 137= 15" x 10" x 43/4" 139= 18" x 13" x 6"

Strut Length- Adjustable between 14-22"

Weight Capacity- ~15lb when using just the provided struts and hardware

Weight- 137= 2.2lbs 139= 2.6lbs