Nitto S83 Seatpost
Nitto S83 Seatpost
Nitto S83 Seatpost
Nitto S83 Seatpost

Nitto S83 Seatpost

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To understand what's great about the Nitto S83 all you've got to do is some simple math: It has two times the amount of clamp bolts giving it two times the clamping power, thats scientific fact. (You might want to fact check that.) The S83 is a good seat post for your touring bike or something you take through the rough stuff more often than not. You could hang the largest of saddle bags off the back of your seat and never worry about the seat post guts slipping.

This seatpost will work with the following Crust models: Wombat, Both Evasions, Both Bomboras, Florida Man, Both Nor'Easters, Both Romanceürs, Both Lightning Bolts, Malocchio


Made in Japan out of Aluminum Alloy

Colors- Polished

Diameter- 27.2 Only

Two Bolt Design

Offset- ~20mm

Rail Clamp Width (Center-Center)- 44mm

Lengths- 250mm & 300mm

Length Above Minimum Insertion Line- 250mm= 135mm | 300mm= 190mm

Weight- 250mm= 281g | 300mm= 305g

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