Nitto UI-85 Stems
Nitto UI-85 Stems
Nitto UI-85 Stems

Nitto UI-85 Stems

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The Nitto UI-85 is a good option if you're looking to run something like the Towel Rack on a 1 1/8" or 1" threadless bike. Its got a little more rise and comes in shorter lengths than its UI-87 cousin, so if thats what you're after, this is your stem! Each one comes with a shim to shim it down to 1" so it'd be good for something like the Single Speed Bolt as well.

This stem will work with the following Crust models: Scapegoat, Wombat, Both Evasions, Both Bomboras, Florida Man, Single Speed Lightning Bolt


Made in Japan


Color- Black or Polished

Bar Clamp Diameter- 26.0

Steerer Clamp Diameter- 1 1/8" (1" w/ provided shim)

Length- 60mm or 70mm 

Rise/Drop- 8°

Stack- 40mm

Weight- 129g (13g more with shim)

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