Ultradynamico Cava Tyres
Ultradynamico Cava Tyres
Ultradynamico Cava Tyres
Ultradynamico Cava Tyres

Ultradynamico Cava Tyres

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The Cava is the high speed, high volume, micro file tread slick in the UD line up. It offers up all the performance you would expect out of a high volume slick on the road, without sacrificing the entirety of its loose/ offload terrain performance. The Cava is the ideal tire for any randonneur or primarily pavement with a chance of gravel style bike.

The Cava comes in three compounds:

Race- It is the one and only gray tire that only comes in gray. Its the lightest of the casings. If you tend to flat a lot, you may want to consider getting the Robusto casing. The Race compound is the pinnacle of ride feel and grip in all conditions. As supple as a cloud floating on buttered ice, with the grip of Over the Top protagonist Lincoln Hawk.

JFF- The Just For Fun casing is the middle of the road bang for your buck tire. Seriously, the value of this tire is outrageous. If you're looking to dip your toes into the silken rubber market, but you're not quite ready to spend the full $85 on a tire, the JFF will give you that premium feel at a fraction of the price. 

Robusto- The Robusto casing offers up the most protection of the three casings. This is the perfect choice if you are prone to flatting, are concerned with getting sidewall slashes, or are planning on taking these tires on tour.


Made in Japan

Luxurious High TPI Mystery Casing

Tubeless Compatible 

Exquisite Pressures- 650b= 25-35psi | 700c= 30-40psi

Colors- Black

Sizes- 650b x 47.99 | 700c x 42.??

Weight- JFF= 510g + 465g | Robusto= 520g + 475g

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