Nitto Dirt Drop Stem
Nitto Dirt Drop Stem
Nitto Dirt Drop Stem

Nitto Dirt Drop Stem

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The Nitto Dirt Drop stem is the perfect companion to a classic drop bar mountain bike. Lots of those older atb frames share geo with modern all terrain bikes, but one geo number they don't often share is "stack" or head tube length. That leaves you with a bunch of saddle to bar drop when you try to run a drop bar on one with a typical quill stem. The Dirt Drop stem gets that handlebar back up level or even higher than your saddle without adding a bunch of reach. If drop bars aren't your thing, this stem is still a great option to get any handlebar style up a bit closer to you.

This stem will work with the following Crust models: Both Nor'Easters, Both Romanceürs, Canti Lightning Bolt, Malocchio


Made in Japan

Forged Aluminum Alloy

Color- Polished 

Reach- 80mm

Rise (at max insert) ~75mm

Clamp Diameter- 25.4

22.2 Quill (1" Threaded Steerer Compatible)

Max Height (Bottom of Max Insert to Min. Insertion Line)- 60mm

Overall Quill Length- 125mm

Weight- 315g

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