Runwell Shinobi 45 Wrench
Runwell Shinobi 45 Wrench

Runwell Shinobi 45 Wrench

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The Shinobi 45 is a 4 & 5mm hex wrench with styling cues pulled from Ninja tools of yesteryear. It's a mere 70mm long, so it's not too bulky to keep in your pocket or attached to a key ring. It comes with a length of green paracord weaved around it that you can use to attach it to a clip or keyring, or unwrap and use in a pinch. The 4 and 5mm bit is easily replaceable meaning this handle to live to over torque your stem bolts another day.


Made in Japan

Steel with Paracord

Color- Steel w/ Olive Green Paracord

Length- 70mm

Weight- 27g

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