Runwell SUSX Wrench
Runwell SUSX Wrench

Runwell SUSX Wrench

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The SUSX is a luxury CNC machined stainless steel pocket-able multitool. It has a 3 and 4mm bit in one end and a 5 and 6mm bit in the other. Both bits are easily replaceable via the 2.5mm grub screws in the end. The SUSX is 70mm long, making it a perfect size to throw in a pocket or a bag and have all of the common hex key sizes you will need for any bike. The Stainless handle will resist corrosion for years to come. The hard mounted bits will making torquing your seatpost binder bolt a much more positive action opposed to trying to snug it with one of those flip out multi tools.


Made in Japan

Stainless Steel Handle with Chromoly Steel Bits

Color- Stainless Brushed Silver

Length- 70mm

Weight- 37g


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