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Twelve years in the making — the ScapeGoat has been refined in the high mountains all over the world.  It’s a LOW Q-Factor, go-anywhere, fit any tyre, bike-packing miracle.  Which may be the funnest and most adaptable bike on the planet.  The tight rear end and longish top tube means it shreds equally well on an afternoon jaunt or multi year exploratory.  Unlike most other fat bike out there (Although this is not just a fat bike.) — it sports a 73mm Bottom Bracket shell, which allows a comfortable 170mm Q-Factor, your knees will thank you.

The frame is 4130 double butted chromoly to withstand years of abuse, and (if necessary) for (relatively) easy field-repairability. It’s got good looks and plenty of frame bag space, thanks to the non-suspension-corrected fork *, and triple cage mounts anywhere you might want them.  The sliding rocker dropouts mean you can run just about any fat-ish setup you might want : 26×4” Fat-Bike (up to 80mm rims**), 650b/27.5+and 29+, as well as regular 29er. You can even run standard 27.5 or 26″ if you get in a jam.

Fork and Frame are 135mm spaced with zero-offset disk caliper tabs, so front and rear wheels are interchangeable. This means you dont buy a front hub. You use a rear hub on the front.

Clearances are tight — really tight, especially with wider rims/tires — which is the trade off for having a blissfully low q-factor.  To be honest, we weren’t sure it would work — but thousands of miles of rigorous testing have shown it works great.  In fact the only real complication is the crank/ chainline/ gearing department.  The short version is : This is a 1x bike (but really, in this day and age, why would you ride anything else?).  With wide rubber on there, you need a single-speed chain-line (single/dingle or internal), with Plus size set-ups A 1X system works great.

If you are over 5,6″ you can ride a large with a short stem.

But don’t sweat the numbers, you can send any questions or comments to the man himself

Hand made in Taiwan. 

( Note Dropouts are NOT Paragon made, they are Taiwanese copies, designed to accept Paragon inserts. If you buy replacement Paragon inserts and they don’t for some reason fit, please contact us and not Paragon to resolve the issue. We have not had any issues, I just want to make it perfectly clear that if an insert did not fit, it should not reflect negatively on Paragon, because Paragon did not design or manufacture the frame components.)


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