Silver Bar End Shifters
Silver Bar End Shifters

Silver Bar End Shifters

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Imagine, you’re trudging along some long flat gravel road. You’re nearly falling asleep when ALAS a slight upward gradient! Now, most would simply tap the back of their brake lever sideways and off they go, spinning up the hill, but not you. You elegantly reach your hand down and ever so slightly pull your Silver Bar End Shifter upwards dropping a gear or two while simultaneously activating a tailwind that is not only refreshing, but pushes you up the hill without you having to spin at all. What bliss!

These bar end shifters have a similar power ratchet system to the revered Suntour Power Shifters and Barcons.

Friction only so they will work with most derailleurs.

Sold as a set (Left and Right/ Front and Rear)


Made in Taiwan

Color- Silver

End of Plug Diameter- 19mm

Weight- 150g per set or 75g each

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